Offshoring - challenge or opportunity?

DateTuesday 27 Mar 2007

University of Bedfordshire, Luton.


We shall be hosting Elizabeth Sparrow - Freelance Consultant Author of "A Guide to Global Sourcing - Offshore Outsourcing and Other Global Delivery Models" Who will be giving a talk entitled: Offshoring - challenge or opportunity?

We are witnessing a major shift in the global IT services industry. Countries such as India, the Philippines and South Africa are developing offshore IT services industries and the market is growing rapidly. What impact will this have on the IT profession of the future? Will we suffer a gradual decline or will there be new opportunities? How can we best develop our profession to meet future challenges? Join in the debate and hear about the BCS' response to the offshoring trend.

The location for the meeting is
Room A004 (main Lecture Theatre)
University of Bedfordshire
Park Square

Please be so good as to indicate your intention to attend, to me, for management of numbers.

Shane Barnes



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