2020-12-01 BCS Bedford School Challenge 2020 winners

BCS (Bedford Branch) Cyber Challenge

Award winners 2020

The Bedford Branch is very pleased to announce the award winners of the 2020 competition.

The competition was completed successfully during the COVID lockdown period when school learning is at home.

We congratulate the students and their teachers who supported them in this very unusual year.

First Second Third
Year 5 Samuel
Hills Academy
Hills Academy
Hills Academy
Year 6 Ewan
Leighton Middle
Brooksward School
Alameda Middle
Newton Leys
Year 7 Alex
Mark Rutherford
Sebastian and Joseph
Bedford School
Mark Rutherford
Leighton Middle
Year 8 Wilson
Alameda Middle
Year 9 Shannon
Denbigh High

The COVID situation prevented us from presenting the prizes in a formal ceremony, and the photo opportunities. We are grateful for the students, parents and teacher who provided us with the testimonials attached.


A competition to support STEM in schools

Since 2013, the BCS Bedford Branch has been running a competition to cultivate young computing leaders. Participating in the Cyber Challenge is a positive way to fulfil the STEM Gatsby benchmarks like linking curriculum learning to careers, encounters with employers and employees, encounters with further and higher education.

The competition is open to all schools in the areas of Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, Luton Borough, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire.

The Branch expects to officially launch the new competition in January 2021.

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